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Association races for 2008 will include three weekend "pairs" of Saturday/Sunday races.  Two are point to point and the last is the popular Good Old Boat Regatta.  We will not have Tartan 30 class starts, so are planning to enter the races in PHRF N, nonspinnaker.  We will score our own results within the Association for Bragging Rights and the club trophy at the end of the year.  The races are:




May 24, 2008

Miles River Yacht Club

Annapolis to Miles River Race

May 25, 2008

Rhode River Boat Club

Miles River Race Back

Sept. 20, 2008

Potapskut Sailing Association

Queenstown Race

Sept. 21, 2008

Potapskut Sailing Association

Queenstown Race Back

Oct. 11, 2008 

Shearwater Sailing Association

Good Old Boat Regatta Day 1

Oct. 12, 2008

Shearwater Sailing Association

Good Old Boat Regatta Day 2

5/11/2008  Dues Change

The Executive Committee decided in December to use Association reserves to make a donation to Oregon State University to help establish a scholarship in memory of Jack Wong, a well-loved charter member of the association and a distinguished local sailor and sailmaker.  In view of the use of association reserves, the issue of association dues was discussed at the winter business luncheon and the members present unanimously agreed that the dues shall be $10 for the year 2008.   Please note this change is made with a view to improving Association communications and resources.  Visitors will note that changes are occurring to this website, updating it to new standards.  Please stay tuned as more content is added and pages are updated.  


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of a fine sailor, mentor, and founder of the CT30A, Jack Wong.  Click Here for his obituary, reprinted with permission from the Yakima Herald.


Summer Newsletter

The Summer 2007 Newsletter is now online in HTML.  We are adding Web-only content and a foods column, The Galley Slave.


Spring Newsletter

The Spring 2007 Newsletter is now available here online in HTML format.  It includes details of a 7/14-15 cruise to the Wye River.  Area Tartan 30 sailors are encouraged to come.  Call or just show up!